About Us


 A Beau-Am Trade Secret


Our technology utilizes state of the art delivery mechanisms, the correct ingredients dosages at their clinically effective strength.

"PowerBlended" with uniquely beneficial supporting actives in correct dosages at their clinically effective strength.


By "PowerBlending" advanced cutting edge actives Beau-Am ensures each and every product unveils real world time.





All the ingredients in Beau-Am are selected from the finest USP grade plants and ingredients to produce the purest and richest extracts. These extracts are highly concentrated and our chemists employ the latest advances in biotechnology in order to achieve outstanding bio-performance.


All Beau-Am formulas are produced 100% in USA, within a controlled and FDA recommended GMP standard manufacturing process.


The raw materials used by our company are in line with the following three criteria:

 USP Standard for Quality Control of Pharmaceutical Ingredients in the United States

FDA US Food and Drug Administration Strict standards

GMP Good Practice Standard