Our history

B &L Healthcare Corp started in January 1986 with Meekness Boen, a self-taught entrepreneur specialized on exporting and importing business to provide disposable dental and medical supplies to the healthcare industry. Ms. Boen Acknowledged the need for skin care products that miniinize the use of artificial chemicals and promoting nature products as sources ingredients in cosmetics and skin care products.


In 1994, she started Beauty America Nutri Corp, to manage the distribution of cosmetics and skin care products. She launched the first facial scrub product, that is made of 1oo% natural ingredients. This product was a success among Asian Americans in the Bay Area of California. Since then, Ms. Boen started her own cosmetics and skin care products under her brand Beau-Am.


Throughout successful years of marketing her cosmetics and skin care products, Ms. Boen hasjoined partnership with Dr. Lawrence Chin, MD and began to carry Obogi Nu-Derrn and Obogi CRX into her product line. Furthermore, other excellent products were added to expand her product line such as Skin Ceuticol Serum, Physicians Complex and special Collagen made from natural California cow ingredients. Naturesiift and ‘Beau-Am are the mos successful brands exported overseas.


In 2005, Beauty America Nutri Corp opened the Beauty America Skincare and Health Center located in Mountain View, California. The focus ofthis treatmentfacility is to promote the use of new technological advanced skin cares machines in conjunctions with Beau-Am cosmetics and skin care products, to give the best service for our clients.